Billing Education

Periodically Billing Education Seminars are held and Articles are published to provide information on appropriate billing practices, to answer specific questions and provide overall support to physicians billing MSI for their services.

For your convenience, we have provided a link to pre-recorded Billing Education Seminars / Power Point Presentations, and Billing Education Articles. Some of these articles have previously been published in the DoctorsNS magazine.

Seminars and Articles are accurate as of the date they are conducted or published.  Please note that some content may have changed or been revised. For the most current billing information please see the Billing Publications section of the MSI website and refer to the Physician’s Manual and Physician’s Bulletins.

Billing Education Seminars:

Recorded Seminar Videos

May 1, 2015 Palliative Care Billing Education Seminar PowerPoint

Billing Education Articles:

October 2016 – MSI Ramps Up for Flu Shot Season

September 2016 – From MSI’s Inboxes

September 2015 – Bulk Billing Update

May 2015 – Ask a Medical Consultant

April 2015 – Paediatrics Billing Education Session Content

Decemeber 2014 – MSI Staff Field Billing Questions

September 2014 -MSI Claims Assessors – Billing Inquiries

July/August 2014 – Physician’s Manual Update

May 2014 – Useful Information on Claims Submission

April 2014 – Unattached Patient Bonus

March 2014 – Time Based Codes

February 2014 – MSI – We’re Here to Help

November 2013 – MSI Website Now Live

October 2013 – Why Audit?

September 2013 – Common Billing Errors

July/August 2013 – The Importance of Billing Accurately

April 2013 – Billing at Long Term Care Facilities

March 2013 – MSI Welcomes Questions From Physicians

December 2012 – Five Habits of Highly Audit Proof Practices

November 2012 – People Always Ask Us

October 2012 – The Meet and Greet Appointment

September 2012 – Billing Visits and Procedures

July/August 2012 – Use of Multiples and Documentation

May 2012 – Case Conference Management Code Commonly Misbilled

April 2012 – Referrals and Transferrals

March 2012 – Varied Billing Errors Costly Audit Outcome

February 2012 – Services Provided by Other Health Care Workers

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