Arm & Leg Prostheses Program:

MSI covers a range of arm and leg prostheses benefits as outlined in the Prosthetists Guide. The Guide lists all the Health Service Codes (HSC), their descriptions, values and frequency limits for MSI coverage. The Preamble is the authority for the proper interpretation of the fee schedule. The Guide also includes an Approved Provider Application for new providers to deliver services under the program.

Prosthetists Guide (2018)
Predetermination Form (2018)
Prosthetists Bulletin (September 21, 2018)
Prosthetists Bulletin (July 27, 2018)

Financial Assistance for Breast Mastectomy Prosthesis:

MSI provides a rebate for the cost of breast prostheses after mastectomy and/or lumpectomy. Complete the following form with supporting documents for MSI consideration.

Application (2023)

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