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Pathology – Patient Specific Report Availability
Pathology Rules Communication updated August 14, 2015
Pathology Letter

Medavie Blue Cross, as the administrator of the MSI program, and the Department of Health and Wellness will be implementing a new billing structure that will transition bulk billing physicians to a patient specific electronic claims submission system.

This change will achieve two primary objectives. It will create complete MSI patient histories and allow the Department of Health and Wellness to reciprocally bill other provinces for services provided to out of province patients in Nova Scotia hospitals and clinics. The current bulk billing structure for pathology, internal medicine and radiology services does not allow for either of these important elements as bulk billing does not include critical patient specific information in the claims submission.

Medavie Blue Cross is committed to a smooth transition. We believe working collaboratively will yield the greatest results. We will be communicating continuously as the transition rolls out, beginning with the information package recently mailed to affected physicians.  Updates throughout the project will also be posted on the MSI website.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions guide, next steps for you to set up your patient specific electronic claims submission billing process, vendor information, and contact information for our MSI General Assessment team and Provider Coordinators who are on hand to help you throughout the transition.

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