Longitudinal Family Medicine (LFM)

The Longitudinal Family Medicine (LFM) Payment Model is focused on improving patient access, patient attachment, and positioning Nova Scotia to both retain and recruit office-based, longitudinal family medicine. The LFM will be available to all family physicians providing office-based, longitudinal family medicine in Nova Scotia. Physicians can work full-time or part-time within the LFM.

Details related to this payment model are included in Schedule C of the 2023-27 Physician Agreement.

LFM Contract Filling Instructions

LFM Contract | Schedule A – Contracted Activities Template

September 2023 Communication

September 25, 2023 FAQ

LFM Service Encounter Cheat Sheet

Effective October 1, 2023, health service codes for the purpose of tracking the LFM hours based on those outlined in Schedule A of their LFM contract are available for billing. For details, please see the October 27, 2023 Physicians Bulletin. Physicians are required to submit these claims under their LFM hourly business arrangement number in order to meet the conditions of their LFM contract.

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